How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2023

Start a WordPress Blog:- WordPress Blog is free platform which provide its users a place to write web content free of cost. Nowadays many content creators are using WordPress blogging platform to earn good sum of money. Here at we are providing complete method to Start a WordPress Blog in very simple steps.

Start a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog 2023 Details

WordPress blog is a open source website creation and content management platform which is free of cost. User can use Wp Blog free of cost. Apart from creating website, wordpress user can also earn good amount of money by content creation and affiliate marketing. If you want to know How to Start a WordPress Blog, then this article will provide you detailed and simple method of blog creation. The process of blog creation on wp is very simple and hassle free.

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Things Needed to Start a WordPress Blog

To start a blog, you first need an idea or a niche on which you want to do blogging. Here we are discussing about the things needed to start a blog.

  • Domain Name- After selecting the topic, you need a domain name similar to your topic. We will suggest you to try to match the name of your domain to your blogging niche; this will provide your user a good and trustworthy experience. For example if you want to start your wordpress blog focusing on reviewing automobile, than will be a good and relevent domain name instead of So try to match your domain name with niche of your blog.
  • Web Hosting Account– A web hosting account is a place where your wordpress blogging website will become live on the internet. Web hosting provides a secure place to your website. All the content and data of your website will be stored safely on your web hosting account Different web hosting companies provide web hosting at different cost. Speed of your blogging website also depends on your web hosting provider.

10 Best WordPress Hosting

After purchasing a domain name and web hosting you are all set to start your wordpress blogging journey. Wp provide an open source platform means it is 100% free. User can use the WordPress services without paying any single penny. Here is a complete detailed process of Start a WordPress Blog 2023.

Install a WordPress Software

After purchasing domain name and hosting you need to install a wordpress software in your desktop or laptop. After installing wordpress, you need to create your wordpress account by using your email ID, user name and password.

  • Configure WordPress Settings

Configuring wp settings depends on your hosting plans and hosting provider. There are various hosting provider like Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, Go daddy etc. You can choose your hosting provider as per your requirement.  WordPress configuration setting relies on hosting provider, so you need to follow the instruction of your hosting provider for successful wordpress blog configuration.

  • Login into WordPress Account

After installing configuration settings, you will get a URL to Log into Wp account. Enter your username and password and log into your account.

Quick look into Basic WordPress Settings

  • When you log into your wordpress account, you will find a setting tab on the left of the Wp homepage. The most important setting is Site title and tagline. Site title is the name of your website and tagline is the short description of the nature of your website. Enter the site title and tagline carefully.
  • Other important settings to check in your wp account are Reading setting, Discussion setting, Media setting, and Permalinks setting

Choosing a WordPress Blog Theme

WordPress blog theme will provide a visual appeal to your website. Blog theme will decide the appearance of your website. User can choose themes for free from the wordpress. But we would advise beginners to focus on content because content is the most important thing in the field of blogging.

Choosing a WordPress Blog Theme

Installing WordPress Plugins

Plugin is the piece of software specially designed for the functionality of the website. WordPress blog plugin acts like the applications for your site. Plugin add extra functionality and features into your website. Vast variety of around 54,000 free plugins is available in the WordPress plugin directory alone, and thousands more are available from third-party websites.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Create First Blog Article

Creating content is the most important factor of wordpress blog. Success of your website is completely depends on the quality of your content. So keep your content fresh and informative.

Start a WordPress Blog
  • Create a Title for Your Article– You should focus strongly on the title of your article. The title of the blog must be clear, focused and catchy. If you used keyword of your article in the title, then it will boost the visibility of your blog. Put the blog title under the Add New Post.
  • Write Detailed and Informative Content- Now write the detailed and informative article. The Article must be plagiarism free, unique and informative. If you want your blog to be success, then you must focus on the quality of your content.
  • Add Info graphics and Informative Videos- You can add images and videos which are relevant to your content. This will enhance the appearance of your article and the user will also get engaged.

Now you are all set to publish your first WordPress Blog. After rechecking your article for any mistakes, click on publish button. After clicking on publish tab, your article will publish on the internet 


In today’s time, the whole world is promoting digital things, whether it is online payment, bank service, transaction process or information technologies. If you want to make a career in the field of blogging, then this is the right time. One can also earn a good amount of income with the help of wordpress blog by Google adsense, and affiliate marketing. All you is to focus on your content and user need. We hope this article will helps you in creation your Wp blog 2023. Stay tuned for more information about blogging.

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