How to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing SEO

Around 40% of World’s websites are operating on WordPress platform. WordPress is open source content management system with regular evolving user interface making WordPress a first choice of bloggers, professionals and websites owner. WordPress is free to use, anyone can create a website free of cost with thousands of user friendly themes and plugins to increase functionality and performance of WordPress. Whereas Blogger is expensive, time consuming platform and contains very limited performance oriented features. So If you are planning to migrate your website from blogger to WordPress platform, then you will find this article interesting, in this article we will cover all the important things needed to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress without Losing SEO performance.

How to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing SEO

Due to the tough competition, every website owner wants an higher place in search engine result pages (SERPs). High ranking in SERPs means more organic web traffic, and more revenue. Therefore all website owners are constantly searching for better content management system to establish a strong online presence by their website in their niche. Blogger and WordPress are two extremely popular content management systems; both have their own merits and demerits. WordPress is widely popular free content management system as compared to blogger because of its enhanced features, flexibility, and customization options. Therefore many website owners are choosing to migrate from Blogger to WordPress for better user experience with minimum investment. With the help of this article, we’ll explore the importance of migrating from Blogger to WordPress and provide a detailed step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth website migration process without compromising your hard-earned search engine rankings.

Migrate Blogger to WordPress

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Importance of Migrating Website From Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is a user-friendly content management system and it is suitable for beginners but it has some limitations as compared to WordPress. Like limited customization features, performance oriented features etc. Here are some key important factors for migrating your website from blogger to WordPress

  • Enhanced Functionality: WordPress is an open source CMS and it offers a vast variety of plugins, themes, and widgets both paid and free, This vast variety of user & performance oriented plugins, themes and widgets allows you to customize and add functionalities to your website as per your requirements to enhance the user experience.
  • Total Control: By using wordpress as your cms, you have complete ownership and control over your website. WordPress offers you the freedom to host your WordPress site on any server. It also offers you privilege to scale and manage your web hosting as per your requirement and specifications.
  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly: WordPress is known for its impressive SEO capabilities. WordPress offers SEO oriented plugins which makes it easier to optimize your website for better ranking in SERPs, thus generating more organic web traffic.
  • Professionalism: Websites build on WordPress CMS offers more professional looks and aesthetic appeal as compared to blogger. This will help to enhance your brand’s credibility, authentication and visual appeal to your audience.
  • Community Support: WordPress has a vast and active community of developers, authors and users. This vast wordpress community will helps you whenever you need help, support, and solutions to any technical issues you encounter during the migration process or afterward.

Important Step to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress

So now you know the benefits of migrating your website from blogger to WordPress. So to migrate your website to WordPress, you need to follow below mentioned steps.

Important Steps to Migrate Website from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing SEO

Firstly Set Up WordPress Hosting

Then very first step of migrating website from blogger to WordPress starts with setting up web hosting plan. We advice you to choose a reliable web hosting provider and set up a WordPress account by purchasing a web hosting plan as per your specification. Select a domain name that aligns with your brand and website purpose or if you already have domain transfer it to you WordPress hosting account.

Now Export Content of your website from Blogger platform

To export your data, first Log in to your Blogger account and go through the settings tab.

  • In the setting tab find the Under “Other” tab.
  • In the “other” tab you will find a “Export blog” option. Now click on the “export blog” option.
  • An XML file containing all your Blogger posts and pages will start downloading automatically.

Install WordPress

Now open the hPanel of your hosting account.

  • In the hPanel, navigate the website section and click on auto installer.
  • Now click on WordPress option and enter all the required details like domain name, website name etc carefully.
  • Now Click on Install WordPress tab.
  • Most hosting providers offer a one-click installation option through their control panel/hPanel.
  • After successfully installing WordPress, access your WordPress dashboard.

Import Blogger Content to WordPress

Now go through your WordPress dashboard, and search for “Tools” tab.

  • In the “Tool”, click on “Import” tab.
  • Choose “Blogger” from the list of options and install the Blogger importer plugin.
  • After that, Upload the XML file you exported from Blogger and follow the on-screen instructions and complete the import process.

Redirect URLs

To ensure the seamless working of your old Blogger URLs without harming your SEO rankings, you have to set up redirects from the old Blogger URLs to the new WordPress URLs. This step of setting up old blogger URLs to new WordPress URLs is very crucial for maintaining your SEO ranking.

Install Essential Plugins

The wide range of plugins is offered by WordPress to enhance website’s performance and functionality. All you need to do is to install these important plugins like Yoast SEO, wordly etc to increase the functionality and performance for seamless user experience.

Customize Your Theme

Now choose a theme which is relevant with you brand identity and content. Customize theme as per your preferences for better user experience. A theme plays a very important role on how your website looks and performs. Therefore we advise you to select theme that aligns with your website content and users expectations.

Test and Check for Errors

Now its time to thoroughly check your new WordPress website for any errors this will help you to ensure that all content, images, and functionalities have been migrated correctly. Especially Check for broken links, missing images, or any other issues that can affect user experience or SEO factors.

Inform Google and Update Sitemaps

Now submit your new sitemap to Google Search Console and inform search engine of the migration of your website. Providing this information helps search engines to understand the change, so that search engine updates their index accordingly.


Migrating website from Blogger to WordPress is a very important decision that will positively impact your online presence of your website. In this article we have provided your detailed steps for migrating website so that you can seamlessly transfer your content without losing SEO rankings. We advise you to check, review and test your website for seamless and smooth transition without losing any valuable data. For more blogging related content visit our website regularly.

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