How to Track Website Traffic for Any Website (2024)

Track Website Traffic:- Organic web traffic is very important to any website. Success and failure of any website totally depends on the amount of web traffic. You can check performance of website by keeping track on the web traffic generated by website. The web traffic tracking tool helps website owner, bloggers, professionals to keep track on the ranked webpages, overall performance of website to keep them ahead of the competition. Today in this article we will talk about How to Track Website Traffic for Any Website.

What is Website Traffic Tracking?

Monitoring the number of people visited your website in given time period in known as website traffic tracking. You can track and monitor performance of your website by using various tracking tools that are available on the internet. Keeping an eye of your website web traffic allows you to optimize your content in much more user oriented ways. With website traffic monitoring you can get the analysis of time spend by visitor on your website, whether they engage with your content or not, whether content of your website is user friendly, choices and priority of your audience etc. This type of user information will help you in creating more user oriented content to perform high ranking in SERPs

Importance of Checking of Your Website Traffic

It is very important to check web performance of your website. Monitoring web traffic performance keep you informed about your website’s visitors behaviour to make further strategies.

  • Improves User Experience- Monitoring web traffic of your website helps you to understand user behaviour. This will help you to optimize your website’s content. With web traffic monitoring you can create more user friendly content for seamless user experience.
  • To Identify User Engagement & InterestWebsite traffic tracking helps you to find the preference and engagement of your user with content of your website. You can plan for better content creation only when you find the interest of your viewer.
  • Helps to Improve Website Performance- Data collected from web traffic tracking allows you to understand your audience in much more productive way. You can create location based content, interest based content, etc based on the data from website tracking tools.
  • Keep You Ahead from Competitors- Tracking web traffic performance of website always keeps you ahead from competitors.  With data collected from tracking tools, you know flaws and negatives of your website. This will help you to create much more user oriented and flawless content which will keep you ahead from your competitors.

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Features Offered by Website Traffic Tracking Tools

  • Geo-Location Based Tracking
  • Individual-level tracking
  • Real-time Performance
  • Most Viewed Pages and Keywords
  • A/B testing
  • E-commerce website tracking
  • Audience Behaviour tracking
  • Conversion Reports
  • Event tracking
  • Benchmarking
  • Attribution modeling
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Session recording
  • Heatmaps
  • Mouse tracking
  • Privacy compliance

Popular Tools to Track Website Traffic for Any Website

You can track performance of your website with below mentioned web traffic tracking tools. These tools easy to use, free and provide real time analysis of your website. Here we are sharing list of web traffic analytics tools.

Google Search Console

Google search console is the most popular website tracking tool among professionals, bloggers, content creators etc. It is free to use and provide realistic real time data. It provide very useful and informative website performance report. Website owner can get important website data, keyword conversion data from Google search console to optimize their website in user friendly manner. With the help of Google Search console your can analyze your website’s performance quickly. It will also allow you to analyze a website’s competitive position, analyze the analytics associated with organic search activity, and identify any technical issues that are affecting the website’s performance.


Track Website Traffic

Semrush is another all in one tool for tracking website traffic, it also helps you to in discovering insights and information for better search engine optimization. This helps you in running technical SEO audits, tracking website performance and ranking in SERPs. Semrush is so popular that more than 10 million digital marketing professionals used this tool to keep eye on their websites performance. Semrush allows you to keep track on the analytics and insights of your competitors, so that you can audit your website for better ranking in SERPs. You can also check important websites insights like monthly web traffic; Geo-location based traffic and keyword-based traffic.

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Ahrefs Website Traffic tracking tool provide you important insights of your competitor’s website to always keep you ahead. This helps you to understand valuable SEO tactics of your competitor; you can check details like which pages drive most traffic for your competitors to reverse engineer on what works for them, which is the most ranked keyword of your competitor and the details of the amount of web traffic generated by that keyword etc. Estimated analytical data of Ahrefs is most influential because it gathers information from its huge database of 12 billion keywords. With its unique Batch Analysis Tool, you can check monthly web traffic data for upto 200 website at once.



With Sitechecker, you can keep track you website monthly web traffic and it also helps you in your competitors traffic tracking to keep you ahead of the game. With its user friendly interface and easy to use dashboard, you can track website’s performance very easily. Its Global SEO Platform offers variety of analytics like On page & Off Page SEO audits, Site monitoring, and web traffic ranking. Sitechecker also allow you to keep track of top organic and paid keywords, referral and social traffic, and top competitors. You can analyse performance of your entire website by full site SEO audit offered by sitechecker



UberSuggest web traffic analysing tool is designed & offered by digital marketing tech giant Neil Patel. User interface of ubersuggest is very user friendly, result oriented & easy to use. It offers features like domain overview to gets the analytics of competitor’s website, Top ranking SEO Pages data,  Backlink data, SEO friendly content & keyword suggestions. Its marketleading traffic analysing feature allows you to check through the traffic history of your competitor. It also provides data of most web traffic driven keywords and most visited webpages of your website.

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How to Track Website Traffic for Any Website

Tracking website traffic data is very easy and hassle free task. With the help of these web traffic tracking tools, you can easily track web traffic data of your website and your competitor’s website. Here we are sharing complete tracking process in easy step by step procedure.

  • Firstly choose the website traffic tracking tool as per your requirement and accessibility.
  •  We suggest you to choose Google Search Console as it is free, easy to use and provide detailed insights of website
  • After choosing traffic tracking tool, select the website traffic ranking feature.
  • A search box for URL will be shown on your screen.
  • Now enter URL of the website your required website.
  • Now click on search tab, the complete overview of your website or competitor’s website will be shown on your screen.
  • Once you get the complete overview, you can check details like traffic data, most traffic driven keywords etc as per your requirement.


Website traffic analysis and other website related insights helps you to keep track on the performance of your website. This will give you better understanding of your market, so that you can make better plans and strategies to increase your web traffic and performance of your website. We hope this article helps you to gather much more information of importance of web traffic monitoring and how to track website traffic for any website

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