How to Setup GA4 Analytics in WordPress (2024)

Setup GA4 Analytics:- GA4 Analytics in WordPress is a website tracking service offered by Google. GA4 Analytics is an updated version of Google analytics which is specially designed to provide you more useful and important insights of your website. It is very easy to use, feature rich and free website tracking service offered by tech giant Google. In this article we will talk about every detail of GA4 analytics and how to setup in your WordPress website.

What is Google Analytics 4 in WordPress?

Setup GA4 Analytics

GA4 is an analytics and website data tracking tool that allows you to track web traffic and user engagement on your websites and applications. GA4 is the next generation updated version of Google Analytics, it is very simple and light weighted plugin with user friendly interface. Its provides you all the information to get started like implementation guides and reference. GA4 analytics provides you insights of every important aspect of your website like, most viewed article, average user engagement time, event count, data of new user to your website, etc. GA4 is now a new type of property which shows reports that are different from previous old generation Google Analytics.

Why There is a Need to use GA4 Analytics in WordPress?

GA4 Analytics is a very important plugin to track and collect valuable information of your WordPress website performance, user behavior, and their engagement levels. This valuable information is used by website owners and professionals to create more user oriented content for better user experiences and to increase conversion rates. With the help of GA4 analytics website owners and marketers can get deeper insights on how the user or visitors interacts with your WordPress website. The powerful tracking features and event-driven model of GA4 analytics helps to keeps you updated and informed about performance of your WordPress website.

Benefits of using GA4 Analytics in WordPress

GA4 analytics is very important to keep track on the performance and user engagement on your WordPress website. It is light weight and user friendly plugin to track your wordpress website. Benefits of GA4 Analytics are as follows

  • Advanced Tracking– GA4 offers more advanced tracking features as compared to old generation Google Analytics. The GA4 allows you to collect insights of user behavior, interactions, and conversions more deeply.
  • Cross-Platform Insights– GA4 is designed to track and collect data of user interaction and behaviour across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Event Tracking– GA4 focuses on event-based tracking, and allows you to track specific user interactions like clicks, scrolls, video views, downloads, etc. This provides a detailed insight of how users engage with your content.
  • Enhanced User ID Tracking– GA4 makes it easier to track user behavior across multiple sessions and devices using user IDs and helps you to create more accurate strategies based on this user behaviour.
  • Predictive Metrics– GA4 includes machine learning capabilities which can provide you important insights to help you to understand user behaviour and trends.
  • Deeper Analysis– The updated interface of GA4 allow more detailed and in-depth analysis of user behaviour, which primarily a focuses on user-oriented factors.

Features Offered by GA4 Analytics in WordPress

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking– GA4 offers improved and advanced ecommerce tracking features that allow you to monitor factors like product views, cart additions, purchases, etc.
  • User-Centric Focus– GA4 shifts the focus from tracking sessions to tracking users and offers you a more user-oriented way to understand user behaviour.
  • Custom Events and Parameters– This feature of GA4 allows you to define custom events and parameters that coordinate with the specific goals and interactions of your website.
  • Streamlined Reporting– GA4 offers a redesigned reporting interface which specializes in understanding user behaviour and engagement metrics and make it easier to you to extract actionable insights.
  • Cross-Domain Tracking– This features make it easier to track user journeys across multiple domains and subdomains
  • Audiences and Segmentation– GA4 allows you to create custom audiences and segments based on specific user behavior and attributes.

How to Setup GA4 Analytics in WordPress

 If you want to keep track on the performance of you website then you should setup GA4 Analytics in WordPress website. Here we are providing you the detailed step by step procedure to add GA4 analytics to your wordpress website.

Step 1- Firstly Create a GA4 Property

  • Go to the Google Analytics website ( and log in using your Google account.
  • Click on the “Admin” option in the bottom-left corner.
  • In the “Property” column, click on “Create Property’’
  • Choose the “Web” option and now enter the details of your website.

Step 2- Configure Data Stream

  • After successfully creating the property, now you need to configure the data stream for your website.
  • For configuring data stream, you have to click on the “Data Streams” tab under the “GA4 Property” option.
  • Now click on the “+ Add Stream” button and select “Web.”
  • Configure the stream by entering your website’s URL and other relevant details.

Step 3- Get Tracking Code

  • Once the data stream is set up, you’ll receive a tracking code.
  • Copy the tracking code provided by GA4.

Step 4- Add the Tracking Code to Your WordPress Website

  • You have to add the tracking code to your wordpress website’s header or footer.
  • To add tracking code to the header or footer of wordsspress website, firstly you need to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • In the WordPress dashboard go to the “Appearance” section and in the appearance section click on “Theme Editor” or “Customize’’ tab.
  • When you click on “Theme Editor” or “Customize’ tab, the whole header or footer tab will appear on your screen.
  • Now carefully look for the header.php or footer.php file.
  • After finding header.php or footer.php file paste the tracking code just before the closing </head> or </body> tag
  • Click on save setting or continue tab, the tracking code will add to your wordpress website automatically after few hours.

Step 5- Lastly Verify Setup

  • After adding the tracking code, you should verify its installation.
  • Go back to your GA4 account, and in the “Data Streams” section, click on your web data stream.
  • You will see a green checkmark and “Receiving data” status if the setup is successful. As we already told you that it will take few hours for data to start showing up.

How to Setup GA4 Analytics in WordPress using Monsterinsight

MonsterInsights is a popular WordPress analytics plugin for tracking the user engagement and web traffic of your WordPress website. MonsterInsight plugin simplifies the process of integrating GA4 Analytics to your WordPress website.  Here we are providing you complete procedure of setting up GA4 Analytics in WordPress using Monsterinsight.

Step 1- Install and Activate MonsterInsights

  • Firstly log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • On the admin dashboard go to Plugins tab and click on it
  • After clicking it your will find add new tab.
  • Now in the Add New Tab Search for “MonsterInsights” and click “Install Now” next to the MonsterInsights plugin.
  • After installation, click “Activate” and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

Step 2- Connect to Your Google Analytics Account

  • MonsterInsights plugin will automatically guide you through the setup process once it was activated.
  • After completing the setup process Click on “Authenticate with your Google account” to connect MonsterInsights to your Google Analytics account.

Step 3-Choose a Google Analytics Property

  • After connecting, you will ask to choose a Google Analytics property to track.
  • Now you need to select the GA4 property from the list.

Step 4- Configure Tracking Settings

  • MonsterInsights provides multiple tracking settings for your website, you need to configure the setting as per your preferences.
  • The tracking setting includes the feature of content tracking and enabling or disabling of multiple tracking options

Step 5- Complete Setup and Authenticate

  • Now you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup and authentication process.
  • You need grant permissions and authenticate with your Google account if asked

Step 6- Enable GA4 Tracking

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Insights” tab  and in the insight tab click on the “Settings” option”.
  • Now Click on the “Engagement” tab.
  • Now check for the “Google Analytics 4” section and toggle the switch to enable GA4 tracking.

Step 7- Verify Tracking

  • After enabling GA4 tracking, you need to wait for few hours because the website tracking data takes time to show in Google Analytics account.
  • You can verify the tracking by visiting your GA4 property and checking if data is being collected.

Google has discontinued its Universal Analytics (UA) on the 1st July 2023. From 1st July 2023 Universal Analytics will no longer collect and process new data. Therefore we recommend you to use GA4 analytics for tracking data of your WordPress website. We hope you get the complete information on Setup GA4 Analytics. Visit our website for more informative content on digital marketing.

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