7 Steps to Make a WordPress Website in 2024 – Easiest Process

Make a WordPress Website:- WordPress is the most popular and easiest content management system in the world. It is written in PHP language with MySQL database system. Apart from creating a WordPress blog, it is widely used for full page websites, e-commerce websites, business websites, directories, discussion forms, question and answer forms etc. The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. If you want to create a WordPress Website for your business or blogging purpose , than this article is for you. In this blog, we are sharing 7 Steps to Make a WordPress Website in 2024.

Make a WordPress Website

WordPress Website 2024 Explained

WordPress (Wp) is open source content management system (CMS), or in simple language WordPress is a software that is installed on the web server. WP allows user to create website without knowing any coding or programming language which makes building website accessible to anyone. WP is highly customizable with thousands of free themes, plugins etc available in the directory of WordPress. It is very user friendly, simple and easy to use, this make WordPress the world’s most popular content management system. Around 40% of the world’s websites are based on this popular platform.

Features of WordPress Website

WordPress is a open source CMS, it means anyone can install, use or customize wp according to his/her needs. Here we are discussing various features of Wp.

  • Free to Use– The wp software is free and easy to use. So anyone can create website on wordpress without investing money.
  • Highly Customizable– WordPress is highly customizable, thousands of free website themes, plugins etc are available in the wp directory. You can choose themes and plugins according to your need.
  • Complete Publishing Platform– Wp provides full control of the website to the website owner. You can work on your website anywhere anytime, you can create, edit and publish article according to your need.
  • Free Lifetime Updates– Updates in WordPress are free for lifetime due to its open source content management system. You can update your wp website time to time with its auto updating feature.
  • Stable and Reliable– Auto IQ computing evaluates and implements, technologies and features automatically which helps to keep your website running smoothly providing user a seamless experience.
  • Unlimited Pages and Blogs Publishing– WordPress offer limitless blog and article posting. It means you can publish unlimited blog and posts on your website without worrying about the performance of website. You can add unlimited pictures, media file, texts, links etc to your website. 

Important Things You Need to Start WordPress Website

Below mentioned things are the basic things needed to start a Wp Website

Domain– Web address of any website is known as domain. Domain is used to access any given website on the internet Registering a domain name is the first step toward the website creation.

WordPress Hosting– An online service which enables you to host your website on the Internet is known as web hosting. All the files and the data of your website get stored at the web hosting server.

Niche and Main Content– Content is the key factor of any website. Before starting the website, you have to decide in which niche you want to create your website. After selecting niche of your website, all you need is a undivided attention of 1 hour.

7 Steps to Make a WordPress Website in 2024

Here we are sharing 7 important steps to create a WordPress website. Please read the following points carefully.

  1. Setting up Website

Setting Up a website involves 3 steps which are, registering a domain, purchasing web hosting and lastly installing wordpress.

  • Registering a Domain-Domain is the web address of your website, it is used to reach the desired website on the internet. First step towards setting up a Wp website is registering a relevant domain name. Domain must be short, easy to remember and specific to your niche. There are various cheap domain registrars which provide domain related services.
  • Purchasing a WordPress Hosting plan- As we already discuss that web hosting stores all the data and information of your wp website on its server. Website helps websites to get visible and accessible on the internet, servers of web hosting ensures uptime, speed, security of your website. You need to purchase WordPress hosting from wp hosting provider, all you need to do is to pay a monthly or Annual charges of the hosting subscription. Various wp hosting companies providing hosting services in India at very competitive price.
  • Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is another important task after purchasing wp hosting. Installing WordPress allows you to fully access your website. Many Wp hosting service provider like Hostinger, Hostgator, Bluehost offers one click Wp installation. After purchasing hosting, all you need to do is to open the dashboard of your wp hosting account and select the auto WordPress installer and the Wp gets installed automatically. Now fill all the required information and credentials like url, administrator username, password, email, language, website title etc.

  • Know Your WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard is the main centre for all the activities of WordPress. It is first screen you will see when you log into your wp website. You can access all the important feature and functions of your wp website from the dashboard. Feature and functions of dashboard menu are as follows-

  • Home Menu- All the uploaded posts, drafts, article will appear when you click on the Post tab in Home Menu. Other than this, media, pages, comments on your blogs, contact information, and Links will also shown in Homer menu.
  • Appearance- You can control all the visual appearance of your website from the Appearance tab. With the help of this tab you can change theme of your website, customise widgets, create menu and much more.
  • Plugins– With the help of plugin tab you can activate, deactivate installed plugins. You can also add new plugins, delete plugins by clicking on plugin tab.
  • Setting – All the wordpress website related settings lies under the setting tab. So if you want to reset wp settings, then you need to click on setting tab
  • Configuring Permalinks For SEO Friendly URL

URL is the Internet address of a page or website. By default, WordPress uses a different way of writing URLs. This way of writing URLs is messy and not optimized for search engines.  So, by selecting the Plain URL writing rule in the Permalink setting tab, we can write URLs in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand way. This way, our visitors not only find the pages they are looking for easily, but it is also  much more effective in terms of search engine optimization.

  • Selecting Theme

WordPress themes determine the aesthetic appearance of a WordPress site. Themes for WordPress are expertly designed templates that you can install on your website to change the look. Different layouts and themes are needed for different type of blogs and websites. An eCommerce website requires a more intricate design than a blog. WordPress has an incredible selection of themes, which is its best feature. If you want to install theme to your WordPress website follow these steps

  • First click the Appearance tab on the dashboard of your wp account
  • After clicking on Appearance tab a new tab of select theme will appear on your screen
  • Now select the required theme and click on install tab.
  • A theme will get install on your Wp.
  • Content Creation for the Website

Google’s Algorithm bots detects low quality content and does not provide ranking in search result to low quality content websites. High quality content is the most important factor for ranking higher in Google search results.

  • You should have engaging content on your wordpress website in order to inform and educate site visitors.
  • Without interesting content, visitors will not understand your business, your values, or how they can take advantage of your services.
  • Your content should be engaging and present your brand in a positive light, regardless of what type of content you choose to share.
  • If your content is straightforward and easy to understand, it will be valuable to anyone who reads it. Write about your products and services on your landing pages and elsewhere on your website.
  • To add content on your wp website click on the add new post tab of WP dashboard
  • Now add title of your content
  • After adding title, add content, article, blog for your website in the text editor box
  • You can add media, link, imager on your content to make it more creative and user friendly.
  • Now click on publish now tab to publish your article on the internet.
  • Installing Plugins to Add More Feature

Software which is specially designed to increase the functionality of the website is called plugin. WordPress offers thousands of free plugin in its directory. Plugins are used to add various features to the website like additional security, optimized speed, web traffic information, search engine optimization, creating backup etc.

Here we are sharing list of popular plugin compatible with Wp website.

•          WPForms Lite

•          MonsterInsights

•          SeedProd

•          All in One SEO

•          WP Super Cache

•          PushEngage

•          Updraft Plus

•          WP Simple Pay

•          WooCommerce

•          MemberPress

•          Smash Balloon

•          OptinMonster

•          HubSpot

•          Uncanny Automator

•          WP Mail SMTP

•          Envira Gallery Lite


WordPress website is the first choice of people who wants to create a website without spending a huge amount. The open source content management system of the WordPress makes it a popular digital marketing platform across the world. It is very easy to use and manage, user from non IT background can operate wp website easily. We hope this article helps you in setting up a new website. Please visit our website regularly for more digital marketing related content.

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