How to Backup Your WordPress Site – Step by Step Guide

How to Backup Your WordPress Site:- As we all know, over 40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress. Therefore, it is very important for website owners to protect their website from any kind of malicious activity. Due to the increasing web security threats, it is essential to create a backup for your WordPress site. A backup will restore your website’s important quality data in the event of an error. This article is dedicated towards the important steps of creating a backup for WordPress website.

Backup WordPress Site

What is Backup of Your WordPress Site?

A website backup is a backup of all the files and data that makes up a website. In the event of a data loss or website failure, you can use a website backup to restore your website. With Website Backup, you can back up your website and any related databases to a safe cloud location. You can use FTP, SFTP or FTPS or an SSH key to back up your databases.

Once you have set up your Website Backup account, backups begin. You can create backup as per your need depending on how often and when you want to create backups. Most of the Backup plugins comes with back of 90 days it means your Backups are kept for 90 days. If you have made a successful backup within the last 90 days, your site can be restored to the state it was on any given day.

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Importance of Backup of Your WordPress Site

A WordPress Website backup allows you to recover all the essential files, images, pages, databases, etc. of your WordPress website in the event of a WordPress website failure. Backup stores your WordPress website data on cloud storage, on your local computer or on your hard drive, depending on your backup plugin. Importance of WordPress backup are as follows

  • Prevents Data Loss- The security of a website and its data is of paramount importance to its owner. Consequently, when a website has been targeted by cybercriminals, the chances of data loss increased. Therefore, it is essential to have a backup system in place for the protection of websites and their data.
  • Seamless Operation of Business or Website- If you have a data backup of your WordPress website, then you can restore your website in just a few hours in the event of a cyber attack or an error so that your business or your website works seamlessly.

How to Backup Your WordPress Site

Creating backup for WordPress website is very important because helps you to recover your data in case of hosting server failure, or cyber attacks. WordPress website beginners find it very difficult to choose the best method of website backup. Here we are providing steps by step guide on How to Backup Your WordPress Site.

WordPress Website Backup Using Plugins

 As we all know, plugins are the pieces of software that are specially designed to enhance the performance of WordPress websites. One of the unique features of Plugin is that it provides data backup in the event of data loss. Data backup oriented plugins help in recovering the lost data in a short period of time.

Our recommendation for data oriented plugin is UpdraftPlus. Updraftplus is a plugin designed specifically for data recovery. It is one of the trusted and reviewed plugins. UpdraftPlus has been endorsed by over 3 million active WordPress website owners. It has received 5 star ratings from users. Updraftplus provides complete data backup for WordPress websites. The backup data can be stored in the cloud storage service offered by Updraftplus. Alternatively, the backup data can be downloaded locally in a pen drive or a hard drive. The plugin offers features such as manual or scheduled backup, cloud storage backup, cloning or migration backup, data inscription backup, advance reporting, etc.

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Manual Backup of WordPress Website Using cPanel

cPanel is provided by most of the wordpress hosting provider. The cPanel is web based tool which is used to manage websites. The main feature of cPanel is to provide website data backup. Please note that the exact process may vary depending on your hosting provider. But generally manual Backup of Website using cPanel consist of following steps

  • First you need to Log into your cPanel account
  • Now under the file tab, you will see File Manager, Click on it.
  • Under the file manager tab find the public_html directory on the left panel and expand it using the + symbol.
  • Now Select the directory with your website name.
  • Click on your website’s folder and choose Compress.
  • Click on Zip Archive and select Compress File.
  • Now Click on Download.
  • File will start compressing, once Compress is done, select your zip file and click on Download.
  • Save your backup securily for further use case

Backup Your WordPress Site Manually Using phpMyadmin

PHPMyAdmin is a PHP-based third-party database management tool. It is one of the most widely used PHP-based MySQL database management applications. PHPMyAdmin supports various operations in MySQL. PhpMyAdmin’s primary purpose is to manage MySQL databases online. Name and Login process may differ depending on your hosting provider but generally you can manually backup your WordPress website by following these steps-

  • First you need to Log into your cPanel account
  • Under the Advance Tab, Click on phpMyadmin Tab
  • Upon Opening phpMyadmin Tab, Select the souce database
  • Now Click on the Export tab
  • On the next page you have to select between Quick or Custom export method.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose your desired format to save file.
  • Click the Go button to continue.
  • You can save SQL file as a backup backup on your computer.
  • You have to import it into the PHPMyAdmin panel to restore your database

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Manual Backup of WordPress Website Using FTP

You can Backup your WordPress website manually by using FTP client. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard internet protocol which is used for transferring files/ data from one host to another. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or Internet Protocol is used in Data Transferring. User can use FTP for backup if they don’t have cpanel in their dashboard. Name and Data transfer process may differ depending on your FTP Client; here we are using Filezilla as FTP Client. You can manually backup your WordPress website using FTP by following these steps-

  • Firstly you have to select your FTP Client.
  • After selecting FTP Client, Enter your credentials into the FTP software to connect one host with another host.
  • Once the FTP is connected to the remote server, go to the file directory (Remote Site Panel)
  • Look for your website’s public_html directory and right-click on it.
  • Now Click on Download Tab to download the file into your local system folder
  • You can also download by dragging and dropping folders from right panel to the left panel.
  • Zip Archive you file, and keep it in safe storage for further use case.

After creating backup for your wordpress website, you have to restore it. To clean your site, you will first need to connect to your FTP client and delete all folders and files. After that, you will have to re-install WordPress and log back in.


Having a website backup is very important to restore the important data of website during any cyber attack or anything that can cause harm to website. Backup helps to you restart your website in fraction of time, all you need to do is to restore your website data from the backup provider. We hope this article helped your to understand the website backup process in much easier way.

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