Free WordPress SEO for Beginners 2023 Step by Step

Free WordPress SEO for Beginners:- WordPress is World’s most popular free content management system (CMS). It is open source, user friendly and most importantly SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of ranking pages of your website to the higher place in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. SEO is the most important thing, when it comes to generating high quality organic traffic to the given website. Today in this article we will cover the topic of step by step process of Free WordPress SEO for Beginners. This will help to run your website in much more effective way.

Free WordPress SEO

What is Free WordPress SEO for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is the technical skill which is used to make certain webpage rank higher in search results. It is the process of enhancing visibility of a given website in the search engine result. Ranking higher in search engine results plays key role in the success of any website. If the content of the webpage of your website is search engine optimized, then the search engine will automatically show your content to the desired user, thus creating high traffic to your website.

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Importance and Benefits of Free WordPress SEO

The most important role of SEO is to generate organic web traffic to your website. More web traffic adds more credibility, authenticity and business to your website or business. Here we are sharing benefits and importance of SEO

  • Generates Organic Web Traffic- Web traffic generation is the biggest advantage of good search engine optimization. Specific and effective SEO strategy will deliver your WebPages to the relevant audience, thus generating high organic web traffic.
  • Add credibility and Authenticity to Website- Effective Search engine optimized content ranks on the first page of Google search result. Ranking on first page of Google add authenticity to your content and website.
  • Provides Year Round Promotion- SEO friendly content ranks on the first page of Google which provides 24/7 promotion of your website without spending money.
  • Increases Visibility – Search Engine Optimization increases visibility of your web pages and web site. SEO friendly content makes your webpage appear on the first page of search engine result. This will results in creating brand awareness and brand branding of your website.
  • Revenue Generation- Website or a web page which appears on the first page of search engine results attracts much more traffic compared to web pages appeared on 2nd page of search engine. More traffic on website creates more revenue generation from Paid search engine advertising 

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Basics of Free WordPress SEO for Beginners

 You can check the basics of search engine optimization in the below mentioned steps.

  • Choose SEO Friendly Theme– SEO friendly theme plays an important role in better search engine optimization. SEO is the key factor for website’s stability, speed, content, metadata, and indexation. So it is advisable to choose seo friendly theme. DIVI, Astra, Genesis pro, OceanWp are few examples of seo friendly theme.
  • Checking Site Visibility Setting– You need to check your site visibility setting because wordpress comes with preloaded setting which will hide your website from the reach of search engine. So to make your site visible on internet, you need check site visibility setting.
  • Using SEO Friendly Permalink/ URL- SEO friendly permalinks works for better user experience which adds authenticity to your webpages and website.  For Example is much better than  So we advise you to make url which helps user to understand the nature of your web page.
  • Choose SEO Friendly Plugins- Plugins are the specially designed software which plug in to your wordpress website to increase and extend the functionality. Seo friendly plugin can boost up the speed and performance of your website. Rank Math, WP Super Cache and Yoast are our recommended  best seo friendly plugins
  • Install SSL Certificate- Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate (SSL) allows safe, secure and encrypted transfer of sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials. Website with SSL certificate tends to rank higher in search engine result.
  • Adding XML Site Map- Search engines can easily find all of the content on your website if you include an XML sitemap. This is a specially formatted document listing every single page on your website. XML sitemap helps search engine to find your webpage faster which is known as indexing. Fast indexing is directly related to fast ranking of web page in search engine result.
  • Adding website to Google Search Console- Adding sitemap url to google search console is very important step for WordPress SEO for Beginners. Google search console provides you information which helps you to understand how your website is actually appearing in search results. It also provides you data of search terms which were using by the people to reach your content. With this data, you can make strategic content to reach your targeted audience.

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Best Practices for WordPress SEO for Beginners

As a WordPress content creator, you need to optimize your content by keyword researching, optimizing blog post for better search results. We are sharing some best practices for better and impactful WordPress SEO.

Free WordPress SEO
  • SEO Friendly Content- Content is the most important aspect of SEO. To make content more user-centric, use simple language and short paragraphs. Content should be written to answer specific search intent and cover all essential points Rich, in-depth informative and SEO friendly content increase ranking of your web page/website in the search engine result.
  • Keyword Researching- The process of identifying terms and phrases, for the purpose of understanding what topics and content are most relevant and in demand is known as keyword researching. The aim of the keyword is to find the most relevant word or phrase, which people are using to reach their query. The term or phrase which was extracted after the keyword researching helps to make a strategic content to cater the need of user.
  • Proper Implementation of Tags and Categories – Proper and strategic implementation of tags and categories helps search engine to analyse your content easily and effectively. With the help of structured categories, user can browse your website easily, thus giving them rich experience.
  • Consistency and Regular Update- User tends to return to websites that provides regular and updated information. Consistency is the key to success for any website. So provide fresh and updated content regularly to meet the user’s demand.
  • Internal Linking- Internal linking is very important step of wordpress seo. Internal links helps search engine crawlers to understand how post and pages of your website are related to each other. Website visitors can use internal links to discover other relevant pages and posts of the same website.
  • External Linking– External link use to redirect user to other relevant website. External linking to high-authority website helps you in gaining authority and high ranking.  However we advise you to add no follow attribute to your external link, this will help to save your SEO score.
  • Use Optimized WordPress Images- Providing a SEO Friendly Alt text and detailed title to the image helps search engine to understand the context and relevance of the image to the content. We advise you to check the size and quality of the image before uploading.
  • Schema Markup /Rich Snippet- In search engine results; schema markup is used to create a rich snippet that describes a web page more effectively. When search engine understand your schema markup effectively, it use this data to show your content as rich content in search engine results pages. Thus generating more traffic to your webpage.


The goal of search engine optimization is to improve your website’s ranking on search engines results pages. On page optimization requires a lot of task like creating quality content, keyword researching to improve user experience. In this article we’ve covered all the important aspects of SEO. Visit our website regularly as we update wordpress, digital marketing, SEO related content regularly.

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