5 Best Business Email Marketing Services 2024

Best Business Email Marketing Services:- Marketing & Promotion are the key factor behind the success of any businesses. If you are choosing the most cost effective way of marketing than, we are very delighted to tell you that Email marketing is very affordable and cost effective tool for business promotion. Success of business promotion through email marketing depends on marketing services you are choosing. Today we will talk about 5 Best Business Email Marketing Services 2024 for business promotion. We will also compare and discuss benefits, pros and cons of various email marketing services.

What is Business Email Marketing Services?

Business email marketing is form of marketing which is done by sending promotional emails to your customers. These business oriented emails contains details & information about your products or services. These emails contain data of your upcoming products and projects, details of your company, advantage of your products over your competitors etc. These marketing emails keep your customer engaged and informed about your products and services. This will help to retain and enlarge your customer base and keep them aware of about your services.

Business Email Marketing Benefits

Benefits of Email Marketing are as follows-

  • Web Traffic Generation- Promoting business with email marketing increase web traffic to your website which results in high revenue.
  • Affordable- Email mail marketing is very affordable as compared to other promotional activities.
  • Higher Return on Investment- As email marketing is very cost effective; it also generates higher return on investment. You can send business promotional email, which contain link to buy your products, this will allow user to buy product without visiting physical store.
  • Help to Increase Brand Awareness- Email marketing help to increase your brand visibility, customer will be aware of your brand new launches, promotional offers etc.
  • More Lead Generation- You can generate more lead and business by email marketing. Business promotion oriented email contains details and information of your products and services and when the users find them relatable, they will purchase it right there.
  • Customer Feedback- No business will get successful without the satisfaction of customers. You can send feedback oriented promotional email to your customers. You can add feedback survey to the promotional email to get the valuable customer feedback regarding your services.

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Features of Business Email Marketing

 Email marketing is one of the most powerful and affordable means of promotion. Feature of email marketing are as follows.

  • Smartphone Optimization- As we all know that more and more user are using internet on their smartphones and this practice is increasing day by day. Thankfully most of the business email service providers are offering mobile phone optimization for better user experience.
  • No-Fail Automatic Email Delivery- Business email contains important data and details of your products and company and it is very important to send these emails to the target consumers to inform them about your services, and delay & failed email attempt leads to business loss. Most of the business email service providers are offering no-fail automatic email delivery feature, this will help to keep your customers informed about your products and services.
  • Customer Service Support- Marketing email services also provide 24/7 customer service support to resolve queries for better user experience.
  • Personalised Email- Sending samepromotional email is old fashioned; nowadays email service providers are offering personalised email service. These business marketing emails are specially customised which contains every minute details of your customers like Name, Age, Profession etc to attract customer attention & interest.

Other Features Offered by Marketing Emails

  • Spam Testing
  • Third Party Integration
  • Email Surveys
  • System Status
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Dynamic Content
  • Customer Journey Map

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5 Best Business Email Marketing Services

Here we are sharing handpicked list of 5 best email marketing service providers


Business Email Marketing

Campaigner is affordable and powerful business email marketing service provider. It offers robust features which help your business to build a strong and relaible email communications with your customers. More than 100K businesses which also include many fortune 500 companies trusted campaigner for their email business promotion. Campaigner offers 30 days free trial period which contain all the features, this will allow you to try campaigner without spending money. For e-commerce oriented businesses, campaigner offers easy integration with e-commerce platform shopify and Magento.

Features Offered by Campaigner

  • Reputation Defender- This unique feature helps to ensure optimal list health and rectify any mistakes in promotional email before sending it to consumer.
  • Fully Customisable Templates- Fully customisable template feature allow you to create aesthetically pleasing emails, where you can also add personalised messages to your customer to make them feel special.
  • Drag & Drop Workflow– You can use drag & drop workflow builder feature to customize you own workflows
  • Auto Responding Email– This feature will help your customer with auto responding email. For example, your customer will get responsive ‘thank you’ whenever he/she purchase product from your link.
  • A/B Split Testing Optimizer- You can one email with two different versions, it means this feature allows you to make changes in your email and send it to your consumer in different version to check which version is providing better overall experience to your consumer.

Disadvantages of Campaigner

  • No Free Version- Campaigner does not provide any free version, you have to purchase its plan for services.
  • Credit Card Required in Free Trail- You have to provide details of your credit card in order to take free trial of Campaigner


Business Email Marketing

Brevo is one of the fasted growing Business Email marketing service providers. It is very hassle free and easy email marketing service provider with inbuilt tools to create aesthetically appealing and engaging promotional emails. The free version of Brevo allows you to send up to 300 promotional emails without any cost although those emails will carry Brevo’s brand logo.

Features Offered by Brevo

  • Unlimited Email Sending Volume- With unlimited email sending volume, you can reach more customers. Reaching more customers means more possibilities of business generation.
  • Inbuilt Image Editing Tools– These in-built allows to you create more user friendly and visually appealing email.
  • Emails Performance Tracking- You can keep track on the performance of your emails.
  • Powerful Servers- Brevo’s servers are designed to provide seamless experience with guaranteed uptime and faster speed. This feature will help to deliver time sensitive emails in fraction of time.

Disadvantages of Brevo

  • Free Version Contain Logo– Promotional emails of the Brevo’s free version contains brand logo of Brevo.
  • Bad Drag & Drop Feature- Drag and Drop Options are not up to the mark

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Business Email Marketing

Hubspot is one of the most famous and popular business email marketing service providers. The free version of hubspot offers upto 2000 marketing emails; you can also store unlimited number of subscribers in its database. With the help of Hubspot’s simple drag and drop email builder & hundreds of templates, you can create personalized emails for your customers. This will help to show uniqueness of brand to your customers.

Features Offered by Hubspot

  • Hubspot CRM Database- This will help to customise your promotional emails with accurate data.
  • Drag and Drop Templates- You can create visually appealing customise email by using hubspot’s drag & drop templates.
  • A/B Split Testing Optimizer- This feature allows you to make changes in your email and send it to your consumer in different version to check which version is providing better overall experience to your consumer

Disadvantages of Hubspot-

  • No A/B Split Testing in Low Plans– Hubspot does not offer A/B split testing optimizer in its base plans. You need to purchase premium plan for A/B testing optimizer.
  • Paid Additional Technical Service Support- If you need some additional technical service, than you have to pay extra for it.



Omnisend is first choice of e-commerce oriented businesses and it is trusted by 70000 e-commerce brands that also include many fortune 500 companies. You can create aesthetically crafted personalised promotional email for you important customers. A/B testing feature is the example of how omnisend can help you in segmentation and optimization. You can boost your business conversion rates by up to 60% by creating audiences based on your customers’ profile info and their shopping history.

Features offered by Omnisend

  • Email campaigns
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Popups & Forms
  • Segmentation

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Free plan offered by mailchimp consist of 1,000 emails for up to 500 subscribers in 1 audience, this makes mailchimp one of the most popular business email marketing providers. Mailchimp integrate easily with platforms like wordpress, shopify, magento etc. It also provide customer service support by live chat and emails.

Features offered by Mailchimp

  • User friendly drag-and-drop email builder
  • Autoresponders
  • Segmenting contacts into groups
  • Analytics tracker
  • Geolocation based segmenting
  • Timezones based Email delivery

Disadvantages of Mailchimp

  • Email service of free plan contains brand logo of mailchimp.
  • Customer service support is slow and not satisfying.


In this article we provide details of 5 Best Business Email Marketing Services. We hope you get the detailed information of top 5 email marketing service providers. We advise you to choose the promotional email service as per your requirement, we urge you not to compromise with reliability, functionality, security over pricing.

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