Best 5 Blog Monetization Platform for WordPress (2024)

Blog Monetization Platform for WordPress:- Blogging is very popular among the digital marketers, professionals, etc. Blog Monetization platform allows you to earn money from your website. These platforms are free and easily available on the internet. So if you are blogger and you are passionate about writing informative blogs for your audience, then we are delighted to tell you that you can earn a amount of revenue from your blogs/blogging website. Today in this article we will discuss about how to make from blogging by using these Monetization Platform for WordPress. Read this article till the end for complete and detailed information.

What is Blog Monetization Platform?

The Blog Monetization Platform is a tool, plugin or service which helps bloggers to make money from their blogs. These platforms helps blogger to generate revenue through various methods like advertising sponsored content, affiliate marketing, online selling of digital products etc. Basically Blog Monetization Platforms provides tools and features which helps bloggers to optimize and track their revenue sources and their earnings. These monetization platforms offers bloggers with revenue oriented features to earn money from their blogs. But it is important to tell you that earning from blogs depends on the quantity of web traffic you website/blog is generating. So if you have good quantity for organic web traffic on your website, then you can earn good amount of money by using these monetization platform.

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Features Offered by Blog Monetization Platform

Blog monetization platforms are revenue oriented platform which helps you to earn money from your blogs, these platforms also allows you to keep track on your revenue sources, web traffic sources etc. Features offered by these monetization platforms are as follows.

  • Ad Management: The Blog monetization platform helps bloggers to integrate, manage and keep track on the advertisements on their blogs. This can include display ads, native ads, or video ads.
  • Sponsored Content Marketplace: Many monetization platforms help bloggers to connect with brands or advertisers for brand promotion or sponsored content opportunities.
  • Affiliate Marketing Integration: With the help of these platforms, Bloggers can easily integrate with affiliate marketing programs. It is also very easy for bloggers to keep track of their affiliate links and earnings through these platforms.
  • Digital Product Sales: Various Blog monetization platforms allow bloggers opportunities to sell digital products and services like e-books, courses, or software, directly from their blogs.
  • Analytics and Reporting: These monetization platforms offer insights and tracking of blog performance, earnings, and user engagement. This help bloggers to understand audience needs and interest in more accurate way. With these insights, a blogger will make more user oriented content & data-driven decisions.
  • Payment Processing: Bloggers can receive payments from various sources, such as ad networks or affiliate programs, with the help of these platforms.

Importance and Benefits of Blog Monetization Platform

Blog Monetization Platforms are important for bloggers who want to turn their passion of blogging into a sustainable and profitable income source. These blog monetization platforms provide opportunities to maximize revenue. These platforms efficiently manage monetization strategies, allowing bloggers to focus on creating Informative and engaging content for their audience.

  • Streamlined Revenue Generation: These platforms help to manage multiple income streams. This makes it easier for bloggers to manage and optimize their earnings.
  • Time-Saving: Automated features offered by these platforms reduce the time that bloggers spend on administrative tasks. This will allows them to focus completely on content creation.
  • Access to Opportunities: Many platforms provide access to sponsored content and advertising opportunities that the bloggers did not find on their own.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Detailed analytics offered by blog monetizing platforms help bloggers to understand their audience in a better way to create and optimize their content, and improve revenue generation.
  • Diversified Income: By offering multiple ways to monetize blog, these platforms reduce dependency on a single income source.

Pros and Cons of Blog Monetization Platform In WordPress


  • Increased revenue potential
  • Simple, easy and hassle free management of ads and partnerships on the blog.
  • Better access to a multiple range of monetization options
  • Detailed analytics for better user oriented content and SEO strategies
  • Wide variety of resources & Support and to grow blog’s web traffic and audience engagement


  • Platform fees or revenue sharing models may reduce overall earnings.
  • Some platforms are having strict eligibility criteria or restrictions.
  • Dependency on a single platform can create vulnerability to policy changes or platform shutdowns.

Best 5 Blog Monetization Platform for WordPress

 Here we are sharing our hand curated list of Best 5 blog monetization platforms which integrates well with WordPress.

Google AdSense

Blog Monetization Platform

Google Ad Sense is Blog monetizing Platform offered by tech giant Google. The Google ad sense provides the facility of blog monetizing through online advertisements running on your website. Google AdSense easily connects your website with the business owners who want to run advertisements on your website. There are millions of publishers, Website Owners, and YouTube Creators who are using Google AdSense as their blog monetizing platform. You can monetize your website/blog by hosting advertisements of business owners on your website without any effort. Google AdSense will automatically select the most appropriate Ads for the relevant audience based on the content and traffic generated by your blog/website.

Amazon Associates

Blog Monetization Platform

Amazon Affiliate program is popularly known as Amazon Associates. It is a free affiliate marketing program which is designed to help website owners and bloggers by monetizing their websites or blogs. With the help of Amazon Associates, website owners and bloggers are able to create Amazon affiliate links on their sites, which are then used to advertise products popular shopping platform When customers purchase products from Amazon by clicking on links provided by Amazon associates, the Amazon associate get the commission fees. Signing up for the Amazon Affiliate program is very simple and requires immediate approval.

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Impact Radius

Impact Radius

Impact radius is one of the best blog monetizing platforms for the influencer, publisher, or blogger, who are looking for a way to make money from their blog by business partnership. This is a top affiliate marketing platform which helps bloggers and website owner to get partnership with big brands and business houses. You can partner with these big brands with the help of Impact radius affiliate program, or you can work with them through sponsorships and campaigns. Apart from partnering, Impact radius is also used by some of the biggest name like Walmart, Ticketmaster, Airbnb, Uber McAfee and Adidas etc. Impact radius offers easy to use admin dashboard, detailed performance metrics, large selection of banners and brand assets to utilise.



Ezoic is a advanced blog monetizing platform which helps bloggers, website owners, professionals to get more revenue from the advertisement running on their website. This allows bloggers to get more control over process of earning revenue from the advertisement hosted on their website or blogs. Ezoic provide blogger, the freedom of evaluating ads and placing them on their website to earn more revenue. Ezoic offers advanced features like Ad Tester, Mediation App, and Leap Technology for optimized website performance, better user experience and automatic solutions to most of the common problems.



Infolinks is blog monetizing platform which offers advertising services for both publishers and advertisers. This allows bloggers, website owners to monetize their blogs without customizing or hampering the looks and SEO factors of their website. Infolinks offers multiple variety of ad unit like InFold, InTag, InText, InFrame, InArticle. Infolinks easily integrates with your website in less than one minute; it also offers higher engagement and higher CTR due to its unique positioning & relevance provided by its intelligent algorithm.

Other Blog Monetization Platform for WordPress

  • Sovrn
  • Amazon Display Ads
  • Shareasale


Monetizing your blog is a good way to earn money without any huge investment. If you are passionate about writing informative and attractive content for your audience and currently own a blog, then we suggest you to monetize your blog as soon as possible for financial security. We hope you get the detailed information of best blog monetizing platforms. 

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