10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins 2024 (Compared)

Best WordPress Popup Plugin:- The popup plugins are used to draw attention of user of your website. Popup plugins are the easy and effective way to engage visitors of your with your content. It also helps in lead generation, expanding subscriber list, conversion etc. You can boost your website’s web traffic by adding more subscribers and viewers by using popup plugins. As the name suggests, popup plugin instantly popped up whenever any viewer visit your website. It contain information of next article, that your users may find useful, link to subscribe newsletter of your website etc. Today we will talk about various popular wordpress plugins available on the internet.

What is WordPress Popup Plugin?

WordPress plugin is specially designed software which will easily integrate with your wordpress website to increase its functionality. There are many types’ plugins available in the directory of wordpress and popup plugin is one among them. It is used to attract user attention by instantly popping up whenever someone visits your website. It helps you in gaining more conversion, subscribers that will boost you website’s performance in SERPs. There are plenty of options of popup plugins available on the internet.

Benefits of WordPress Popup Plugin

Popup plugins helps in boosting visibility of your website. List of important benefits of popup plugins are as follows.

Easy to Collect Info– Pop-up plugins are used to collect information of visitors, visit your website like emails for email marketing etc. It is also used for requesting visitor to provide information like login credentials, age details to make sure you’re over 18 if a product has age restrictions etc.

  • Easy Integration– Popup plugins are integrated easily with wordpress to improve its functionality by lead generation, conversion etc. It can also easily integrate with marketing software like Business email service, business phone service etc. Popup plugin also offers social media integration for visiting social media page of your website.
  • Wide Variety of Templates– Popup Plugins offer Wide variety of templates to choose from. This will add aesthetic appeal to your website.
  • In-Built Analytics– Now you can keep track on the performance of your website easily because popup plugin also offers in-built analytics feature.
  • Drag & Drop Builder– Popup Plugins comes with drag & drop builders which allows you to create a customize plugin easily in fraction of time.
  • Easiest way to Draw User Attention- Popup Plugin allows you to drag user attention instantly whenever they visit your website. This will help in expanding subscriber list, conversion list, newsletter list etc.
  • Mobile Friendly- Most of the popup plugins are mobile friendly, it means popup plugin work effectively on both mobile and laptop/desktop.

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Types of WordPress Popup Plugin

  • Newsletter– This popup plugin ask user to sign up for new letter of website.
  • Login– Login plugin is used to fill up the login credential form of the website
  • Subscription– This pop up plugin is used to choose subscription of the website
  • Exit intent Popup– Exit intent plugin appears as soon as viewer is about to close the browser. This will help to engage visitor with your website or content.
  • Update Popup– Update popup is to convey message of recent or nearby update in your website.
  • Privacy Policies– This popup will show the notices and privacy policies of the website or businesses
  • Announcements– This popup is used to convey website/business related important announcements

10 Best WordPress Popup Plugin

We have handpicked 10 most used popup plugins for WordPress website. This will help to increase functionality of your website.


WordPress Popup Plugin

Sender Popup Plugin helps you in creating your own high quality popup design by using its high converting templates. It also offers drag & drop editor to create eye catching Scheduled and behavior based popup in easiest way without spending too much of time. Free plan is also offered by Sender which consists of popups, signup forms, and automated emails to new leads.

Features Offered by Sender

  • User freindly & Convenient popups and forms builder
  • Free Of cost high-converting templates
  • Exit-intent, time, and behavior triggers
  • Active Device responsiveness
  • Free plan which includes popups, signup forms, and automated emails to attract new leads.
  • GDPR compliance

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sender


  • Free sender plan include limitless popups & signup forms.
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Multiple types of popup for every business need.


  • Popups of free plan contains brand logo

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Hubspot WordPress Plugin

WordPress Popup Plugin

Hubspot offers easy and seamless integration with wordpress. It is user friendly and easy to use popup for all marketing, promotional sales needs of your website. Hubspot is highly customisable with its easy drag and drop editor you can easily create aesthetic popup easily in very less time. With Hubspot plugin, you can target you audience by simply entering the URL address of the page or pages on which the pop-up is intended to appear. You can select whether the pop-up should be activated upon a fifty percent page scroll, an exit intent or elapsed time.

Features Offered by Hubspot

  • Simple pop-up form editor for easy design and customization
  • Multiple pop-up form styles
  • Automatic data entry
  • Personalization using data from your CRM
  • Detailed analytics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hubspot


  • Live chat for lead generation
  • Easy dashboard interface
  • Free is forever free and provides multiple features
  • In-built analytics for tracking


Limitation on integrating with Gmail and Office 365


WordPress Popup Plugin

Sumo is free, easy and simple popup tool for wordpress. Easy integration of sumo with social media sharing tool allow you to expand the presence of your website on the internet. Its unique visitors targeting features helps you in gaining more leads and conversions.

Features Offered by Sumo

  • Easy Integration with promotional Emailing System
  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Up to 10000 email and newsletters per month
  • In-Built analytics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sumo


  • Free Version Available
  • Free version contains all the important tools
  • In-built Discount Code Generator


  • A&B testing feature available only in premium plan

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WordPress Popup Plugin

Optinmonster is another free popup tool that helps you increase your newsletter signup by advertising and increasing the number of popups on your WordPress website. With the help of its popup builder and the template library Optinmonster helps you to create aesthetically appealing popups and subscriptions for your WordPress website.

Features offered by Optinmonster

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Premade popup templates
  • Dashboard with user friendly interface
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Page-level targeting and personalization

Advantages & Disadvantages of Optinmonster


  • Unlimited pop-up designs option.
  • Analytics to track performance
  • Canvas feature for any type of popup creation.


  • Forced brand logo on a every free plan


WordPress Popup Plugin

Icegram is one of the most popular plugin available in the market. Its user friendly interface make it easy to setup. Icegram offers variety of features to improve functionality of your website. You can also use Icegram to customize your website in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Features Offered by Icegram

  • usre friendly form building
  • A/B Testing
  • Mobile friendly
  • Campaign templates

Advantages and Disadvantages of Icegram


  • Extensive range of customizable options for creating asthetic popups, lead magnets, opt-ins, and brand promotions
  • Advanced targeting option
  • Call to action button


  • Outdated templates

Popup Maker

Popup Maker

In-built popup editor offered by popup maker allows you to create and customize user friendly popups in fraction of time. Popup maker easily integrate with popular form builder like Gravity Forms, Ninza Forms etc.

Features offered by Popup Maker

  • Easy integration with woocommerce
  • Compatibility with email service providers like Brevo, omnisend etc
  • Variety of triggering options
  • Email opt in
  • Lead generation

Advantages & Disadvantages of Popup Maker


  • Compatibility with form builder and Email marketing service
  • Analytics to track data
  • Customization of Popup designs


  • Analytics feature offered only in premium plans

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Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro

Elementor pro is used to create professional popup designs. You can choose layout from variety of layouts offered by elementor pro, additionally you can decide the location of popup on your website. Its drag & drop editor allows you to create customize popups without any knowledge of coding.

Features offered by Elementor Pro

  • Precise Targeting
  • No Code Drag & Drop Editor
  • Full Conversion Tools
  • Pre-designed popups
  • More than 100 pop-up templates

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elementor Pro


  • Customization options
  • Drag and Drop Editor


  • Drag and Drop editor not offered in free version.

Ninja Popup

Ninja Popup

Ninza Popup easily integrates with promotional email services. It also offers drag and drop builder for customising popups. You can translate popups in any language with its WPML. Ninja Popup offers lifetime update for free.

Features Offered by Ninja Popup

  • Optin locker
  • Social popup locker
  • Page level targeting.
  • Woocommerce Compatibility
  • Analytics
  • More than 65 popup theme designs

Advantages and Disadvantagesof Ninja Pop up


  • Highly customisable
  • Better SEO features
  • Advanced mailing system support


  • Unavailability of Post optin forms

Thrive leads

Thrive leads

Features offered by Thrive leads

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Unlimited lead connection
  • Mobile-specific two step opt-in forms with features like  yes/no, multiple-choice.
  • Form builder compatible with various opt-in types
  • Pre-made templates
  • A/B testing
  • Reporting, analytics and insights


  • Unavailability of translation feature



Features offered by Bloom

  • Availability of more than 100+ design templates
  • Multiple design options
  • Multiple display types
  • 24/7  service support
  • Analytics
  • Easy integration with Email marketing
  • Page-level targeting and personalization

Disadvantages of Bloom

  • Limited template customization options
  • Limited popup types
  • No exit-intent trigger


WordPress Popup Plugin are very useful, the helps in drawing attention of your website visitor for lead generation, expanding subscriber list, conversion etc. Popup plugins helps you in gaining more conversion, subscribers that will boost you website’s performance in SERPs. We hope this article help you in understanding popup plugin in much better way. We advise you to choose popup plugin after extensive researching and comparing them with each other.

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