10+ Best Website Ideas 2024 (Beginners) to Generate Passive Income

Best Website Ideas:- Creating a website is a very easy thing nowadays. But if we say that you can earn money through the website, then how will it be?

Yes you heard it right; you can start a passive income by starting a website. All you have to do is create content about what interests you, what excites you the most, so that your target audience feels connected with you and your content. You can earn a handsome amount from Google ad sense, affiliate marketing, content creation etc. You can also earn by selling products online on your website. Today in this article we will cover 10+ Best Business website ideas to earn a passive income

Types of Websites Best Website Ideas 2024

If you are looking for the ideas to start a website, than you are at the right place. We will talk about various profitable business niches that help you to grow financially. List of popular business website niches are as follows-

  • E-Commerce Websites– E-commerce website allows you to sell your products online without maintaining a physical store or shop. You can add lists of your products on e-commerce website and the buyer will purchase that product from your website. E-commerce website terminates the need of physical shop or store, all you have to do is to maintain the listing of your available products on your website.
  • Business Oriented Website– Business oriented website helps you to define and promote your business or products digitally. This website allows your users to know your products before purchasing them. Business website helps to build credibility and authenticity of your business.
  • Blog Oriented Website– Blog oriented website are very popular. The main focus of blog website is to provide details and information of given niches. For example, if talking about cryptocurrency excites you, then you can start a blog website on cryptocurrency. You have to provide interesting information on cryptocurrency so that your user gets attracted towards your website.
  • Affiliate Website- Affiliate website is a referral website which allows you to earn money by commission. You have to advertise the product of the online retailer, and when the buyer buys that product with your referral link, you will earn the commission.

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Things Needed to Start a Website

Creating a website is not a difficult task, all you have to do is to purchase a domain and hosting plan, after that you can build your website using website builder. Important things needed for creating a website are as follows-

  • Domain- Domain is the name and address of your website in the internet. You can purchase domain from domain providers like Godaddy, Hostinger etc.
  • Hosting Plan- After purchasing domain, the next step is to book a hosting plan. Hosting acts like a virtual place for website. All the data and files of your website will get stored on your hosting.
  • Website Builder- The next step after purchasing domain and hosting is to build your website using website builder. You can use WordPress for creating your website. WordPress is free open source content management system where you can create your website without any investment.

Best Website Ideas for Starting Website in 2024

Creating a website is very easy and hassle free task. All you have to do is to choose the correct niche. Content is very important for success of any website. A correct niche and informative content is the key factor behind any successful website. So chose your niche and content wisely to get more revenue opportunities. Some of the popular niches are as follows-

Starting a Blogging Website

Best Website Ideas

The key ingredient of blogging website is passion. If you are passionate about something that also excites reader or listeners then you can start a blogging website. For example if you are pretty much passionate about automobile and have immense knowledge of automobile, than starting automobile blog is a good idea. You can provide information of automobiles, pros & cons, launching date, reviews etc on your website. If people start liking your blogs and you starts generating enough organic web traffic, than you can make money from Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, promotion or you can directly sell your own product on your website.

Starting a E-commerce Website

Best Website Ideas

If you are business minded and profit loss makes difference in your life than starting an e-commerce website is just right for you. Most of us think that starting an e-commerce website needs lots of technical things but this is not true. You can start E-commerce website simply by using WooCommerce, a WordPress based e-commerce platform. All you have to do is to integrate WooCommerce with your wordpress website. After that you have to put list and photos of the products that you want to sell online and that’s it. For accepting payments, there are lots of online payment service providers like Razorpay, Paypal, etc that accepts online payment for you. Just integrate these payment providers with your WooCommerce account.

Dropshipping Website

Best Website Ideas

Dropshipping websites are becoming very popular nowadays. A dropshipping website is a online platform which allows you to sell products online but the important thing is that the products are directly supplied by the vendors. In simple words a dropshipping website is a link between buyer and seller. You can earn money by charging platform fee to the vendor and service fee to the buyers. In dropshipping website, there is no need for product inventory thus making it a hassle free task.

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Affiliate Website

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing website is an advertising website, in this concept of marketing; the advertiser pays you a commission fee in exchange of the promotion of their product. For example, if you are running a website which is focused entirely on reviewing beauty products. And the user of your website purchases that specific beauty product on your recommendation, then the advertiser of that beauty product pay you commission fee based on that purchase. This is very popular and growing form of marketing.

Fitness Oriented Website


Nowadays fitness is a hot topic among youngsters and adults, everybody want chiseled and fit body therefore starting a website focused on fitness is a very good idea. On the fitness oriented website you can post workout tutorials, diet plans, dieting strategy, reviews of body building supplements, body building equipment etc. Apart from Google AdSense, you can earn a handsome amount of money by consultation fee, sponsorship revenue etc.

Online Learning Website or eLearning Website


eLearning website is a online platform which provide online teachers, educators, speakers and online study material to their users.  You can convert your WordPress website into online learning website by installing learning management system (LMS) plugins like LearnPress, LifterLMS etc. You can earn money by selling online courses, study material and live coaching session or by subscription of your website. Apart from earning money, you can also create employment by hiring educators, teaching professionals etc.

Job Oriented Website

Job Oriented

Finding jobs nowadays is a very difficult task. It is a very stressful task for a job seeker to get up daily to find a job. By creating a job oriented website you can make this difficult task a very easy and hassle free process. You can post the details of available vacancies on your website, you can also add features like online job apply, vacant job notification etc. Job oriented website helps you to earn money by selling membership or monthly subscription to the jobseekers. The businesses will use your website for listing vacancies in their company; you can also earn money by listing fee.

Tours & Travel Oriented Website

Tours & Travel

If even an idea of visiting mountains, makes your eyes sparkle, if travelling is what you love most in your life than creating a travelling oriented website is all you need to earn passive income. You can share travels tips, hotel reviews, travelling related products etc on your website. You can monetize your website by sponsorship with travel agencies, hotel chains, transport chain etc. And You can also earn money by affiliate marketing of Restaurant, travel agencies, etc.

Fashion Oriented Website

Fashion Oriented

Fashion is very hot and trending topic these days, everyone wants to follow the latest fashion trend, so starting a website solely focused on latest fashion will be very profitable. On this website you can post article on latest fashion trends, upcoming fashion ideas, fashion related news and blogs. You can also review newly launched shoes, bags and dresses on your website. Fashion oriented website will let your earn money by paid promotion, affiliate marketing etc.

Food and Food Recipe Oriented Website

Food and Food Recipe

Food is the basic necessity of every human being and what is more amazing that you can earn money by sharing recipe of your favourite dish on your website. Yes you heard it right, food recipe oriented website is a very good platform to earn money online. You can earn money by reviewing foods, you can also share recipe of favourite dish on your website and charging membership fee or subscription fee from your users. You can also earn good amount of money by promoting spices, cooking ware, etc on your website.

Other Best Website Ideas 2024 to Generate Passive Income

  • Review oriented website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Photography Website
  • Art & Craft Website
  • Poetry Website
  • Finance Website
  • Insurance Website
  • Web Designing Website
  • Online Forum Website

Best Website Ideas 2024 Important Things to Remember

  • SEO Friendly Content- Content is the most important factor for success of any website. So it is important to be focused on the quality of the content, your content must be search engine optimized so that search engine put you content at higher place in search engine page rankings. This will help to you  to generate more organic traffic to your website
  • Use of Plugins– Installing a relevant plugin into your website will increase the functionality and performance of your website.
  • Always Take Backup of Your Website- Data is the most important & precious thing for website owner. So always keep backup of your website, so that data of your website will never get lost in any unwanted circumstances like cyber attack, hosting failure etc.
  • Installing User Friendly Themes- Theme define the visual appearance and functionality of any website. So it is important to install SEO & user friendly themes in your wordpress website


In this era of digital marketing, it is very important to own a digital space for business promotion and revenue generation. And owning a website is one of the best ways for digital presence. In this article we had cover 10+ Best Website Ideas 2024 to Generate Passive Income. We hope this article helps you to find business website ideas in much better way.

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